Classroom English

Vous n’avez pas saisi la question

  • Sorry, I didn’t hear the question
  • Sorry, I wasn’t listening
  • Could you please repeat the question (more slowly)?
  • What’s the meaning of (the word) …?
  • I don’t understand the question.
  • (I beg your) pardon?
  • I’m afraid I didn’t get what you said.
  • Could you speak up, please.
  • Could you speak more loudly, please?

Vous avez besoin d’une audition supplémentaire

  • Could you explain that again?
  • Would you mind playing the recording again?
  • Can we listen to it once more?

Vous n’arrivez pas a exprimer votre idée en anglais

  • What’s the English for (the word…)?
  • I have an idea but I can’t say it in English.
  • I just can’t find the right word.
  • I have difficulties in explaining it in English.
  • I need some time to think about it before I can give an answer.

Vous (croyez que vous) n’avez pas d’idée particulière sur le sujet discuté

  • I have no idea (at all about this point).
  • I have no specific opinion about it.
  • I don’t know what to say.
  • I have nothing else to say about it.
  • I have nothing to add.
  • I wanted to say exactly the same as X.

Vous n’etes pas sûr de votre réponse ou vous hésitez

  • I’m not sure but I believe that / I think that…
  • I don’t know exactly but I think that…
  • What I’ve understood is that…
  • How shall I put it? Well, let’s say that…
  • Perhaps… / Maybe…
  • I suppose that…
  • I’ve got mixed feelings: on the one hand… on the other hand…
  • I’m in two minds: on the one hand… on the other hand…

Vous voulez soutenir, compléter on contredire l’opinion d’un camarade

  • I (totally) agree with X when (s)he says that…
  • I share X’s point of view when (s)he says that…
  • X is right when (s)he says that…
  • What X has said is quite true and…
  • I’d like to add something (to what X has said).
  • I disagree / don’t agree with X when (s)he says that…
  • X is wrong when (s)he says that…
  • What X has said is quite true but..
  • In my opinion, what X has said is nonsense because…
  • X has made a point but…

Vous arrivez en retard ou vous avez oublié une de vos affaires

  • I apologise for being late: I was…
  • Sorry, I’m late: I was …
  • I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten…

Demandes diverses au professeur ou à vos camarades

  • Could you switch on the light, please?
  • I don’t fell very well, may I go out? / I feel sick, may I go out?
  • Can I go to the toilet, please?
  • Could you please move aside? I can’t see the blackboard.
  • Could you please shut your case? I can’t see the blackboard.
  • Could you please write it on the right / left / top / of the blackboard? It’s too shiny.

Quelques consignes données par le professeur

  • Get your things ready.
  • Put your things away.
  • Spell the word…, will you.
  • Make a note for your homework for the next lesson.
  • Sum up the text in your own words.
  • Make a summary of the text.
  • Don’t prompt him!
  • Any comments?

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